Transcoding speed up and down. Please help

hello together. I hope somebody here can help me because i dont know what to do and test anymore.
I am running davinci resolve lite 10 on my macbook pro 17 quad core with 8gb ram and a AMD Radeon HD 6770M. Additional I have a Samsung 256 SSD drive in my optical bay.
I transcoded usually from Arri Alexa ProRes 4444 files into MXF DNxHD 36-8 bit with a rec 709 look applied, no nodes nothing else and I am getting a transcoding rate from around 13-14.5 fps. after installing the SSD and running my OSX from there I experienced no difference. So i started from scratch and and formatted my computer to 10.8.5 and re installed davinci resolve lite 10, updated my cuda drivers and I stated getting rates from around 43-45 fps, whats a massive difference. I always transcode from a G drive (7200rpm) via FW800 onto my internal SSD.
I was super happy and continued installing all my other software. I started with photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Speedgrade, After Effects and Premiere pro cc.
After installing all the adobe software i checked my davinci again and my transcoding speeds of the same footage went down to 13-14.5 fps again. What is that all about?
Is something from Adobe interfering with the acceleration of my graphics card. I know that the the adobe software i specialised to use Open CL really well instead the whole cuda story with danvinci.
Otherwise I just installed drivers for my computer like sxs driver, usb 3 card reader driver etc.
What am I missing? Where is the problem?
Please help me here.

MacBookPro 2,.4 GHz i7
8GB ram
AMD Radeon HD 6770M 1024 mb Vram
256GB samsung ssd
750GB samsung HD

One problem that I have had with the new OS.
Wrongly made APP NAP.
Disable all the app nap