Transfer from CUDA 4.2 to CUDA 7.5

Recently I downloaded some CUDA 4.2 source code and now I want to transfer them to CUDA 7.5
Notice that CUDA 7.5 has new timer functions , different from cutil.h in CUDA 4.2 and new logging mechanisms (shrutils in CUDA 4.2).

As for the timer function , I made some changes as

But I have no idea how to change the logging functions such as shrLog ,shrLogEx in CUDA 4.2
Can someone give me a hint?

if functionality is in cuda 4.2, then i suppose it would be in later versions of cuda as well
can’t you trace the progession of said functionality/ functions?

if the functions were replaced, the next version documentation normally details this
hence, it should be possible to determine how the functions have progressed, with a simple search

alternatively, can you broadly outline what the functions do?

The cutil macros/functions weren’t really meant to be used in production code.

It is possible however to take the cutil source code from older CUDA releases
and use it with newer SDKs to some degree.

I have no idea about these logging functions though.


@little_jimmy :I have not fully checked the update log of CUDA. The shrUtils.h/cpp mainly contain " reminders for output window and build log" such as:
extern “C” int shrLogEx(int iLogMode, int iErrNum, const char* cFormatString, …);
extern “C” int shrLog(const char* cFormatString, …);
extern “C” void shrSetLogFileName (const char* cOverRideName);
and so on.

@cbuchner1: I got the same idea before I see your post. I install CUDA 4.2 where I find the cutil.h as well as the shrUtils.h/cpp. Then I copy them to the /include folder in CUDA 7.5 and do the "make " command. The compilation works fine finally. I have to check the update log of CUDA to see the substitution of logging functions in shrUtils.h/cpp

Thank you guys~

“not fully checked the update log of CUDA”

this may be one source

however, i was thinking more along the lines of cuda documentation - the pdf guides

most of the guides start with a section outlining changes and improvements - what is added, changed, left out, deprecated, etc with a current version, relative to prior versions

the very 1st page of the cuda 7 programming guide starts with:

hence, i am confident that you may very well find a paper trace