Transfer learning toolkit 2.0 saved written code


I have a change to explore TRT, i have trained simple kitti model to try this tool, i save and close the Jupyter notebook. When i opened the notebook again it shows me the default project, and my edits are disappear.

I use this command

sudo docker run --gpus all -it -v /home/mesut/tlt-experiments:/home/mesut/workspace/tlt-experiments -p 8888:8888 /bin/bash

jupyter notebook --ip --allow-root

How can i save the project and continue again?
Can i find the previous project? I made a lot of changes.

Thank you.

I think you can click “save” to an ipynb file . Then next time you can open it.

Hi Morgan,

I did click to save but it did not be saved, also the directory changes are disappear.
I think i miss something to run container again, the command is true to run again?, a processbar appears and loads, it may be loads default but i wonder how to load my edits again.

thank you

Mesut Nafiz Şimşek

8 Ağu 2020 Cmt 08:59 tarihinde Morganh via NVIDIA Developer Forums <> şunu yazdı:

What I mentioned above is how to save the jupyter notebook.
Please check if below way works for you.
In notebook, click “File”, select "Download as notebook(.ipynb), save the notebook. Then open it next time.

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