Transfer Learning Toolkit General Availability

We are pleased to announce the general availability of Transfer Learning Toolkit (TLT). Train and scale quickly with TLT for Intelligent Video Analytics applications. Read the detailed developer news announcement here.

Getting started with Transfer Learning Toolkit:

  • Download Transfer Learning Toolkit here
  • Read the step by step tutorial for building and deploying accurate deep learning models for intelligent image and video analytics on Medium
  • Register now and learn how to create and manage real-time object detection applications for disaster response using TLT in this developer webinar
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Hello Kayccc
I was trying to pull the docker file and my jetson nano reboots itself without any message in the console. I tried with different images and the same happens. I have enough space in the sdcard and a 5V/4AMP power supply.
I created an account on the NGC website and then I execute this command:

$ sudo docker pull

it reboots randomly after it downloads a part of the file

Hi jarosky,
Could you please create a new topic instead of this thread? This is an announcement topic for TLT.