Transfer the Real time captured camera frames from Jetson xavier nx to HOST PC (windows) using USB port

Hi Nvidia,

We have our own custom Jetson xavier nx board and we have connected MIPI camera(20MP) to CSI. We are using v4l2 framework and able to stream the camera and capture the frame onto the device.
We want to transfer the live stream onto HOST PC(windows) using USB3.0
slot since throughput is higher.
We would like to know how to achieve this using Jetson xavier nx.
we are using JetPack_5.0.2_Linux (R35.1.0) and kernel 5.10.

with Regards,
Ashwath B N

Generally we use RTSP or UDP for data transmission. Please refer to Jetson AGX Orin FAQ

Q: Is there any example of running RTSP streaming?
Q: Is there an example for running UDP streaming

For transmitting data through USB, this would need other user to share experience.

And the latest releases for Xavier NX are Jetpack 4.6.4 and 5.1.2. Suggest you use either version instead of using 5.0.2.

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