Transformer Prime support in TADR 2.0r2

I’m trying to use Tegra Profiler 1.2.360 on an ASUS Transformer Prime tablet with Android 4.1.1, build number:
When I try to sample an application the device gets identified by Tegra Profiler, however an error is displayed: “This system image does not support the Tegra Profiler. Please verify that this device is supported and that you are running a Tegra Profiler compatible system image”.
Any hints? Should I downgrade to ICS? Or flash a dedicated system image?

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Additional information:

  • The device is NOT rooted.
  • PerfHUD ES works fine without any issues.
  • A previous version of Tegra Profiler(form the TADP 2.0 2012-10-22 package) was “almost working” – it was able to connect and start sampling but hang indefinitely with the “stopping sampling” status.

Thanks in advance for any support,

PS. The subject is an obvious typo, I meant TADP not TADR, however I can’t edit it now :(

i’m sorry, tegra profiler does not support the transformer prime today