Transition from Jetson Nano DevKit to Jetson TX2 NX

Hi there,

please excuse me if this is somewhat of a dumb question but I am rather new to this, so please bear with me:

Over the course of several month we have developed a sophisticated wireless real-time HD video transmission system based on the 2GB/4GB Jetson Nano DevKit platform (Open.HD). Now luckily we’ve got hold on a TX2 NX and Xavier NX production module with integrated eMMC storage and we would like to test if the addinonal compute power helps with reducing encoding latency even further.

Our software build pipeline outputs an *.img file that can be deployed to a mircoSD-card and booted with a Jetson Dev-Module.

Now I wonder: What would be the best way to flash the content of this *.img file to a Jetson production module (eMMC)? It would be much much appricated if sombody could outline a way on how to do this in the most convienient way? Thank you so much in advance!

P.S: I have only used the Nvidia SDK Manager so far to flash a barebone Jetpack 4.6rev3 to the TX2 NX module (which btw: was a real pain - needed to setup dedicated hardware since VirtualBox was not supported, network breakups, compatability issues, etc…).

P.S.S: I also wonder if there is a convinient way to backing up the image on my TX2 NX module? I spent hours over hours to get Jetpack 4.6rev3 installed in the first place. Is there any easy way to pull and image and restore it easily whithout going through the hazzle using SDK manager again?


I don’t know what kind of “*.img” is in use here. If this is system.img, you can put it under Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader.

And when you run, add “-r” option with it, it will reuse the system.img instead of creating new one.

Similar steps here.

SDKM is not for any customization. This tool only provides standard binary.

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