Transitioning from AMD CPUs to INTEL CPUs - advice please

Hi all,

We just stood up a new partition on our SLURM cluster and all of the new nodes are running INTEL CPUs. Our older partition is running with AMD processors.

I’m wondering if I need to recompile our software stack on the new INTEL cpus or if I’m able to just bring compiled software from the OLD partition onto the new one?

The problem I’m currently running into, is that the WRF.exe program is working sporadically on the new cluster after recompiling OPENMPI with our PGI compiler.

Any advice or insight anyone might have would be most welcomed!

Most AMD cpus are compatible with newer Intel CPUs, except for
some optimizations. Run
pgfortran -V

on your AMD and Intel machine.

pgfortran will return the cpu types. If AMD is type bulldozer,
and the Intel CPU is type haswell

pgfortran -tp=haswell,bulldozer -fast

will create a unified binary that will run optimally on either CPU.