Translate camera relative to current rotation?

Hi I am not from a professional 3D background, I dabble with 3D softwares, video production in my spare time. I have a scene setup in machnima and am trying to learn basic camera animation, I can get it to animate across XYZ individually but not using a component if the camera is rotated.

This image shows what I am working on, the camera is rotated to point towards the viewport camera perspective and the X and Z axis are not aligned with the direction the camera is facing.

Is there a toggle for this somewhere?


Pressing each shortcut (W,E, R) again will toggle between Global and Local transforms, this is true for both Rotation and Scaling.


Hi @huntandre As Red2dVFX has mentioned - this is just a matter of setting the rotation gizmo to either “local space” or “world Space” You are currently set to world space - so after you rotate an object - the gizmo continues to display the world axis orientation. If you press (E) again - it will change to local space and display the Local axis of the selected object. Be aware this happens on the gizmo/manipulator - you are not changing the setting for the individual asset itself. Everything you select will display the axis as the Gizmo/manipulator is set.

I am a bit confused about this topic, I use these W, E and R to move, rotate and scale objects:

Global and Local transforms - I do not see how they relate to these commands?
I know what is the difference, but how do I switch from Global to Local transforms? As from the video you can see, not by using these W,E,R.