Translating Pins on Jeston and LIDAR

Need some assistance translating the pins on the Neato LIDAR to the NVIDIA Jestson. Basically I want to connect the LIDAR to the jetson board without damaging either one.

I took some photos so you can get a visual. Feel free to ask for more photos or information.

It would probably be better to move this to the JTK1 forum if this is for the JTK1, currently this is the JTX1 forum (your image shows a JTK1).

What is the VCC voltage? I see an article at Sparkfun that says the data level is 3.3V, so you’ll need a level converter for 3.3-to-1.8V if you go to the GPIO. However, since it seems this is just a serial UART (speed 115200), there may be more options. The article I see is:

The JTK1 has “UART2” access on connector J3A2 (see the schematic, pins 65 and 68), I’m not sure if this is 1.8V or 3.3V. If this is 3.3V you can directly connect these (I’d use a twisted pair cable with shielding)…a 1.8V level converter would not be too hard to add if this is 1.8V.

Oops! I was confused about the two separate forums but now I know. Thanks for the response. Also, where can I find the schematic on the JTK1 for the J3 connectors?

Adding answers to the Jetson TK1 forum thread: