Transmit video 4k 3D stereo with Jetson TX2

Hi everyone,
I would like to buy the nvidia jetson tx2 for a project:
I need to send a 4k 3D stereo live video stream in real time to my pc at a distance of about 500m via wifi;
I identified as a possible product the jetson tx2 card to encode live video via hdmi in H265.
To do this, I just need to buy a single jetson tx2 card or do I have to buy 2, one for encoding and one for decoding?

Thank you all

By default it supports singleview video coding(SVC) on TX2, but it looks for 3D video, you need to have multiview video coding(MVC) supported in SW.

Possible solution is to use tegra_multimedia_api to get two SVC stream
and you have to parse two SVC streams and re-make into one MVC stream.

Please note this SW effort before you decide to use TX2.

thanks for the answer; are there any other nvidia products designed to do h265 video encoding and live streaming via rtsp?
Can you recommend an hdmi capture card for jetson tx2?