Trial setup - R740XD - ESXI hostd not starting after VIB install

Trying to get a trial working on a R740xd box on esxi 7.0. After installing the nvidia VIB file to manage the GPUs and telling esxi to do shared direct I reboot the host. Once the host is back up you cannot access it through the GUI and you get a 503 error. It appears there is a problem in the hostd file not finding some of the recognized GPUs from before the nvidia VIB file was installed. Looking for troubleshooting assistance to recover from this error. I have gotten the same results twice (I reinstalled ESXI thinking I did something wrong).


So you’ve installed the vGPU driver in the ESXi Host and restarted it. When it comes back up, you can no longer connect to it through your browser? Is that correct?

Which GPUs are you using?
Have you configured the BIOS correctly?
Is the Server connected to vCenter?
Which vGPU Driver did you install? (Where did you download it from)