trial to paid up license problems

I have installed and run the full trial version on my Linux box. Worked great, I was able to compile and run my code with no issues.

I purchased a license and generated the key online, like I had done for the trial version. Copied and pasted the output from my browser to the license.dat file (having moved the trial license to a different file).

I stopped the license manager (lmgrd, checked and no process running). I restarted the license manager, it’s up and running.

I delete my executable made with the trial version and re-compile my code with the new license file in place. So far so good.

Now I try and execute my new code and I get:

EXECUTABLE EXPIRED - This executable was created using a Trial version of
PGI software. The PGI Software and derived executables cease to function
and cannot be used after the conclusion of the Trial testing period.

I tried remaking the license file in case the first version was corrupted. Same result.

LM_LICENSE_FILE points to the new file.

Any suggestions?

The trial licenses for the compilers cause a timeout code to
be inserted in each object compiled with them. Placing a permanent license in your
area does not remove the timeout code, since our licenses do no affect
executables. It only causes sources compiled after the license is installed
to no longer have timeout code inserted in their objects.

To solve, you must recompile the source files of every object or library linked in your
executable with a permanent license installed.