Triangle mesh collision for PhysX 3.2.*

Has anybody tried the collision between the -dynamic- -triangle- meshes and other objects with regular shapes ( cubes, spheres, etc.) ? Since in the 3.2.1 SDK, it announces the triangle mesh could only be created by static/kinematic actors. While it seems okay with the compiler to use the code like:

triDynamicActor = mPhysics->createRigidDynamic(relativePose);

PxShape* triMeshShape = triDynamicActor->createShape(PxTriangleMeshGeometry(triMesh),*mMaterial);


During the run time, the geometry info of the object could also be retrieved, but there s simply no collision with any other objects under the scene. Painful it is because it ties the hands of the developers up to design relatively complex scenes using the even newer version of PhysX. Does this mean PhysX 3.* SDK does not or yet support the handling of the moving triangle meshes based objects? Would be grateful for any insights or experience!

Dynamic mesh just is not supported. But you can try compounds of convexes for the concave shapes.