Trick for Testing different session polices faster.


Getting the best session setting for your environment is a pain. I started testing with K1, M60 and finally purchased (9) M10 for my systems

If you’re like me you created multiple delivery groups, in multiple OU’s, each with unique Session setting for comparison testing.

Making a single policy change meant:
Editing the GPO or Citrix policy. (And not editing the wrong one)
Rebooting all the VM’s in Studio.
Checking in the VM to see your policies showed up.
Also deciphering the policy setting.
For example "Use Video Codec for Compression” could correlate to any of these Modes
(XD 7.0 to XD 7.6) Thinwire & H.264 ()
(XD 7.6.300 to XD 7.8) Thinwire & H.264 (
(XD 7.9) Thinwire Compatibility (TW+)
(XD 7.11) Thinwire+ with Selective H264
(XD 7.??) Make the bad man stop! Why can the policy not be labeled the same as the ThinWire?
Compatibility Mode (Thinwire Plus)
Default Mode (Thinwire H.256 + lossless Text) Good luck finding policy lables that coorispond to settings.
XDX 3DPro Mode (Thinwire Pure H.256)

Finally seeing if this was an improvement.

So to save your Sanity do what I did. Donate 25 to get “Remote Display Analyzer” at

"It lets you change your Graphics polices in a session on the fly!" That’s very significant.

I have two delivery groups. With no display polices set.

I have CAD Turbine Demo running on both sessions at the same time.

I use “Remote Display Analyzer" to change all he Graphic polices I need to.

It’s saving me hundreds of hours and lots of frustration with figuring out the best graphic setting with my M10 for my environment.

I have learned a lot form the forums and want to pay some back.

Another trick, to test with campus wireless I have to use a cranky laptop. I picked up a USB Wireless Card and just turn off my NIC. I tried some of the network simulation software’s but this was just a simpler method.


Hey Eric

Thanks for sharing your experience.

We actually are testing an M10 right now in a VMWare Citrix enviroment.

So, you say that with rdanalyzer you can change Graphic policies inside the session… But if you found the optimal policy configuration, do you have to set these in citrix policies or do the settings apply on the VDA and stay static? What about PVS servers?

Thank you very much

Best regards