TrimSlice Pro L4T Driver

Hey guys,

so first of all, i’m a newbie in ARM-CPU’s and not that good in linux.

I’ve received my TrimSlice a few days ago and i am going crazy.

I’ve fought 2 days to run ubuntu on the trimslice. Finally it runs, but i can’t install the tegra2 drivers. In the dev guide, it says, i have to download and extraxt the driver package and then run the “applying binaries”. I did that, but in the system settings/details, there ist still no driver listed.

I actually dont know how to handle that. There is so much stuff, that is really confusing. The manufacturer have only an img from ubuntu 12.04 that i can install with uboot and kind of the synaptic package manager. So how can i install the tegra2 driver on my trimslice? Hope anybody can help me out :-/

thanks in advance

PS: Sorry for my bad english…

What instructions were you following for the Ubuntu installation?


i followed this instructions:

I already sent an eMail to the support. I find out, that nvidia doesn’t support the video playback on linux with tegra2. So i think i will never get the driver to work.

I dont unterstand, why nvidia does not support the tegra2 on linux… such a crap!