triple headed x-windows CRT-0 PLUS Twinview CRT-1 + TV

I would like to know if it is possible to have a triple headed configuration with a 8500GT card? I can get twinview to work cloning crt-0 onto TV out or I can have dual displays CRT-0 plus CRT-1 or CRT-0 plus TV, but I can’t get all three to work at once.

One line that bothers me in my Xorg.0.log is

There are only 2 CRTCs available, trimming display device list

Is there an option to enable a third? Or is this a limitation of the card.

The config I want is CRT-0 as display :0.0 and CRT-1 and TV as clones (both 1280x720) as display :0.1


This is the CUDA forum. I think you want to post this sort of question here:

However, I can tell you that each GPU supports a maximum of two simultaneous display devices.