This area is under troll attack perhaps a lawsuit could calm things down? ;-) And its interesting that it is just this area, anyway coincidence right? ;-)

These appear to be forum spambots, so it is probably extremely difficult to figure out who to sue.

I think they should create a filter like “John has a brother named Peter whats the name of John’s brother?”. Things that spambots will never pass. Or if they pass it will be certain that a human has passed the test so then sue him. ;-) If OCR has been advanced so much to recognize captchas lets give them artificial intelligence and if they manage to beat this then we should hire them rather than sue them. ;-)

Making CUDA Quick Reference Card

So the specific title was not made by a spambot but human. I highly advice NVIDIA to take legal measures.

I would say the bots are getting pretty good and they create very good title topics. Though, I am wondering how were the accounts created since there are measures to prevent bots creating accounts.

I wonder the same thing.

This may sound naive, but what profit incentive do these bots have? There seems to be at least one active human involved as well, judging by the changing thread titles.

Nvidia please put a bit more effort into getting rid of these spam bots(it is not getting better).

How do sites like StackOverflow keep the spam away?