Trouble booting with WD 2TB SSD

JetPack 5.13
Standard Dev kit

Newly flashed- after a couple of power cycles I get the “installing virtual address map…” message on the Nvidia screen. After that, black screen for indefinitely.

Hopefully attached log is useful. Any help appriciated.

teraterm.log (151.3 KB)

Your log is talking about you are booting from a SDcard and sdcard has corrupted file system.

Is it not normal to boot from this? Is it better to flash an SSD (mounted in the M2 slot) instead?

Not sure how the file system can be corrupted so quickly. I installed Visual Studio Code and a driver for a Magewell grabber card. Then after a few reboots, it says it’s corrupted.

I thought it had something to do with the 2TB SSD, but it I see that mmcblk1p1 is actually the SDcard.

No, there is a known issue on sdcard filesystem and it will be fixed in next release.

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