trouble building visionworks demo with Nsight Eclipse

I`m trying to complete a visionworks test project using NSight Elipse Edition. The aim of the project is to read video and render with visionworks. After manually setting the include & lib according to the post::

I got the following "could not resovled " error in Nsight on my host machine(Ubuntu 14.04)

Method ‘fetch’ could not be resolved
Method ‘flush’ could not be resolved
Method ‘getConfiguration’ could not be resolved
Method ‘open’ could not be resolved
Method ‘putImage’ could not be resolved
Method ‘setOnKeyboardEventCallback’ could not be resolved

However, on the TX2 side, the compiling succeeded and generated executable file.

How to solve this?


Could you try to clean build the whole project first?


I`ve tried clean the whole project,checked include dir & linking library, but no good. It seems that Nsight can find the include file ,but cannot resolve the function.Could you give me some hints?

my code as follows:

#include <unistd.h>
#include “NVX/nvx.h”
//#include “NVX/nvx_opencv_interop.hpp”
#include “NVX/nvx_timer.hpp”
#include “OVX/UtilityOVX.hpp”
#include “NVX/Application.hpp”
#include “OVX/FrameSourceOVX.hpp”
#include “OVX/RenderOVX.hpp”
struct EventData
EventData(): stop(false) {}
bool stop;
void keyboardEventCallback(void* eventData, vx_char key, vx_uint32 /x/, vx_uint32 /y/)
EventData* data = static_cast<EventData*>(eventData);
if (key == 27) // escape
data->stop = true;
int main(int argc, char **argv)
if (argc == 1)
std::cout << “Please specify a video file name…” << std::endl;
return -1;
nvxio::Application &app = nvxio::Application::get();
std::vectorstd::string result;
app.setDescription(“This sample demonstrates stabilization of video”);
app.allowPositionalParameters(“Input video file name”, &result);
app.init(argc, argv);
ovxio::ContextGuard context;
std::string sourceUri = result[0];
std::unique_ptrovxio::FrameSource frameSource(
ovxio::createDefaultFrameSource(context, sourceUri));
if (!frameSource || !frameSource->open())
std::cerr << "Error: Can’t open source URI " << sourceUri << std::endl;
return nvxio::Application::APP_EXIT_CODE_NO_RESOURCE;
ovxio::FrameSource::Parameters frameConfig = frameSource->getConfiguration();
vx_image frame = vxCreateImage(context,
frameConfig.frameWidth, frameConfig.frameHeight, VX_DF_IMAGE_RGBX);
std::unique_ptrovxio::Render render(
ovxio::createDefaultRender(context, “Video stabilizer”, frameConfig.frameWidth, frameConfig.frameHeight));
if (!render)
std::cerr << “Error: Cannot create render!” << std::endl;
return nvxio::Application::APP_EXIT_CODE_NO_RENDER;
EventData eventData;
render->setOnKeyboardEventCallback(keyboardEventCallback, &eventData);
// ImmediateModePyrlk Pyrlk(context);
// ImmediateModeStabilizer stabilizer(context);
// vx_image stabilized_frame;
ovxio::FrameSource::FrameStatus frameStatus = frameSource->fetch(frame);
if (frameStatus == ovxio::FrameSource::FrameStatus::CLOSED)
std::cout << “End of the video file!” << std::endl;
NVX_TIMER(total, “TOTAL”);
// stabilized_frame = stabilizer.process(frame);
if (!render->flush())
eventData.stop = true;
return 0;


Could you try to cross-compile the sample from console directly?
This will narrow down the issue is from Nsight or environment.

Please remember to add the -L, -l or -I information if required.

aarch64-linux-gnu-g++ -g -O0 -std=c++11 -c -x c++ -o  "[APP Name].o" "[APP Name].cpp"