Trouble connecting my jetson nano to wifi(which needs username and password)

Hello everyone. So I was trying to connect Jetson Nano to my university wifi but I couldn’t since it needs both a username and a password to connect but there is no option to add a username in the Jetson Nano wifi connection mode. Can anyone help me solve this?

Please refer to Find WiFi Password Of Connected Networks In Linux - OSTechNix to see if can work.

Hello, thank you for your reply. So the way other people connect their Jetson nano devices is by using this command: $ sudo nmcli d wifi connect password
But the wifi network that I am using needs a username also, so I can’t use this command. That was my question. How can I connect my Jetson nano to the wifi, which needs both a username and password to connect?

That’s related with Ubuntu network manager, suggest to google it to find the answer.

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