Trouble getting h264 output from AppEncD3D11.cpp sample

Hi there,

I am not able to get this sample to output an h264 encoded file.

There are a couple changes I made: (1) I am setting the file to read as a .png file and (2) I changed 71 to be:

enc.CreateDefaultEncoderParams(&initializeParams, NV_ENC_CODEC_H264_GUID, NV_ENC_PRESET_LOW_LATENCY_HQ_GUID);

instead of grabbing it from the CLI commands (since I didn’t know what CLI commands to really specify.

Do you know what I can do to get it working? While debugging it returns a vPacket.size() of 0.

Further, when I duplicate a lot of the code in my own application, I cannot get vPacket.size() to return anything other than 0 even if I am not reading in a .png file. My best guess is something is going wrong with initialization.