Trouble installing JetPack onto Jetson TX1

After downloading and attempting to run the file, I was prompted with an “All Good” message, a window popped up with the message "Error: JetPack must be run on x86_64 HOST platform. Detected aarch64 platform. After using the uname -a command, the output showed “Linux tegra-ubuntu 3.10.96-tegra #1 SMP PREEMPT Tue May 17 16:29:05 PDT 2016 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux”. So it seems the platform of my jetson is aarch64 but how do i fix this to install the JetPack?

Well, this is the TK1 forum rather than TX1, you may have better support there.

Anyway, the error message seems to say you’re trying to install JetPack on an arm64 platform, I guess your TX1, but JetPack is supposed to be installed on a PC running Ubuntu (14.04, maybe 16.04 now) to prepare everything, then it will flash your TX1 board through USB cable.

JetPack runs on the desktop host, rather than on the Jetson. While the Jetson is in recovery mode the driver package (run from the host with JetPack being the front end to the driver package) can manipulate the Jetson. After flash completes JetPack can then act as an aid to packaging and installation of extras to both host and Jetson. Keep in mind that your host needs lots of free disk space, probably 25GB or more.

Official NVIDIA video walk through of JetPack install: