Trouble installing MArbles Machines Assets


I have trouble installing the assets for the new contest. I didn’t find any walktrhough on how to do it. What’s the procedure to install the assets manually? I copied them to Nvidia Omniverse/Cache Pat/client/localhost/Nvidia/Samples where the other assets are, but the didnt appear in Nucleus nor in Create, even when I refreshed the directory with the right clik menu option.


Hi @estraulino! Sorry you are having problems. Can you see the assets when you navigate to that directory in Create in the Content Browser?

Hi Wendy!

I can see it if I navigate to that directory from “My Computer”, but it is a bit deep.

But not if I search in the “Omniverse” directory, even though (I think?) it’s the same location.

I don’t know if it is actually working as expected, but I feel it is easier to find if the assets are in the Omniverse directory.

Any suggestions?

Hi @estraulino -
Can i asked a few questions?

  1. Did you download additional Marbles assets from an NVIDIA web page? File might have come as a .zip file?
  2. Did you manually move the entire folder within this zip to your “D:/Nvidia Omniverse/Cache Path/client/localhost/Nvidia/Samples” folder and call that folder “Marbles Machin???” (can not see the full file name)?

Hi @mirice

Yup, that is exactly what I did. I downloaded the zip, unzipped it and moved it where I found the other assets, thinking Omniverse would find it.

The first time I installed omniverse, the first “Marbles” pack was there from the start. And the tutorial to install the initial Marbles pack shows the same scenario. Couldnt find any info on how to install a Samples or Asset pack manually.

What should I do?


Here is our documentation on Importing Assets in Create: Asset Importer — Omniverse Create documentation

What might be happening here is that you are loading the assets from our Sample Mount here: Omniverse Mount Content — Omniverse Create documentation