Trouble Installing NVIDIA software on Golden Image

Trying to install a NVIDIA GPU on a golden image on View 6.2.1

I have marked the device for passthrough and am able to add the NVIDIA PCI device.

When I startup the VM and install the NVIDIA software (369.71) I get stuck at "NVIDIA Installer cannot continue. This graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware.

Am I using the wrong version?

Here is a link to some screenshot for additional information

Any help would be apprciated!

Probably yes, for M6 pciid 10de:13f3/subsystemid 10de:1143 (check the end of textual .inf file from unpacked directory …/Display.Driver/.inf):
Bad one (from public download, only K1/K1xx/K2/K2xx): from NVIDIA-GRID-vGPU-kepler- -> 369.71_grid_win8_win7_server2012R2_server2008R2_64bit_international.exe -> size 261207104
Right one (from licensing portal): NVIDIA-GRID-* -> 369.71_grid_win8_win7_server2012R2_server2008R2_64bit_international.exe -> size 261217056

Thanks, do you know where I can find the link for the .exe from licensing portal? -> Login -> NVIDIA LICENSING PORTAL -> Product Information -> Current releases -> NVIDIA GRID -> choose "GRID for …" (check support matrix pdf too)

Got it, thanks!