Trouble using nodes generated using AutoClass in Replicator

Hello, I am writing a custom randomizer for Replicator and I am using the @AutoClass decorator to create the node. I am following this guide

The issue is that the node take a self input because its based on a public method inside the class, and since my class type is not a supported OBN type then the self input is of type objectId, and according to the documentation:

1- When a method outputs a object whose type is represented by an objectId in the output, AutoNode stores the object in a Temporary Object Store, a special runtime collection of python objects resident in OmniGraph memory.
2- When an input objectId is received by a method, the method requests the object from the Temporary Object Store. The object store is “read once” - after a single read, the object is deleted from the store. Every subsequent call will result in an error.

So my problem is that I can’t use this node for randomization because it needs to be called multiple times and after the first one I start getting errors. I know I can use AutoFunc instead of AutoClass but I need to keep track of the number of frames plus additional parameters and it will be cleaner to have it in a class.

Hi @anthony.yaghi! Welcome to the forums. I’ve reached out to the Replicator team to help answer your question.

Hi @anthony.yaghi. I don’t have an answer for you yet, but just wondering if you’re still having trouble.