Trouble with my e-CAM30_CUNANO - 3.4 MP

I recently got my Jetson Nano and I purchased an e-CAM30_CUNANO along with it. I’ve had some trouyble installing it and getting it to work. I’ve installed the CSI-Camera program from Github and when I run the start command a window pops up for a split second and immediately closes down again and I can’t wrap my head around how to even properly install it since there is very little information out there about this camera. Anyone got some ideas?

Hi Albin,
Along with your purchase of e-CAM30_CUNANO camera, you would have gotten a bootable SD card. You can just simply insert the same into a Jetson NANO development kit (which I assume has SD card boot option), to boot and check streaming.
Also, you will have access to the Release package and documentation of e-CAM30_CUNANO from our webpage:
or our developer website:

Using the “Getting Started” document, you can learn on how to install the BSP for e-CAM30_CUNANO in your existing Jetson NANO development kit and check streaming.

Hello again!
I can’t get the SD card that I got with the camera to work and I already have my project on another card. I ordered my camera from Silicon Highways and I can’t find the SO number in my order there so I can’t register my product and get access to the needed files. Could I get some assistance with this?

hello albin.lof,

had you refer to kannan.m’s comment in post #3 for the release packages?