Trouble with Standalone Ubuntu Installation of TX2 Packages


I am running the Jetpack 3.3 installer. I intend on doing some development on my host machine using several packages included in the Jetpack SDK including OpenCV, Tensor RT etc…

However, when I run the installer and end up on the ‘components manager’ screen where I can select which packages to install, none of the required packages are available to be installed on my host. I am able to see ‘Tegra Graphics Debugger’, ‘Nvidia System Profiler’, ‘Jetpack Documentation’, and ‘DevTools Documentation’, but no libraries under host.

The ‘target’ components are all there.

Note that I am not currently using a physical TX2 board (I have it but not connected to this computer), not sure if this may be the cause.

Any help would be appreciated.

OS: Ubuntu 18.04 64 bit.
GPU: Nvidia 980GTX ti

Hi drfill,

Under host:
For NVIDIA System Profiler, the library in [JetPack folder]/NVIDIA_System_Profiler/Host-x86_64/
For Tegra Graphics Debugger, the library in /usr/local/Tegra-Graphics-Debugger-2.x/

Please check on your side. Thanks!