Trouble with updating jetpack on Jetson TX 2 to jetpack 4.5

Hi, I’ve been trying to update to jetpack 4.5 on my Jetson TX2 using the SDK manager, but my TX2 can’t recognize the micro USB cable which i am using to connect the host computer to the TX2. Does anyone know the solution to this problem?
Also, is it possible to update the jetpack using linux on a virtual machine on a windows host computer?

There are a number of “charger” cables which are terrible with data. Is this the supplied micro-B USB cable, or is it something else? If it isn’t the supplied cable I wouldn’t be surprised to see it fail, but even this usually is initially “recognized”.

VMs are not supported. Much of this has to do with VMs not correctly passing through USB. If you are using a VM, then this is very high on the list of reasons why a Jetson in recovery mode would not be found. A VM can be made to work, but you’d have to make sure USB is manually set up correctly. Note: Be certain to use a native Linux filesystem since NTFS is guaranteed to fail.

Also, make sure the Jetson is really in recovery mode. The recovery button should be held down while the power is turned on, or as power is reset. You can let go of the recovery button as soon as power has been turned on or cycled.

Thank you for the answer,
so basically I have to use the micro USB that is a part of the developer kit, I can’t just use a random micro USB, right?

The problem isn’t that you cannot use a third party micro-USB cable so much as it is that a vast number of the cables sold for charging have extraordinarily low quality for data. One example is that data might have two tiny copper strands, and though technically capable of data, the quality would be so low it simply won’t function. I’d say about 3 out of 4 “OTG” cables sold have problems working with data (FYI, an “OTG” cable is normally a micro-B USB…OTG implies the port accepts either a type-A or a type-B, and it is the detection of type-B which puts the port into the desired “device” mode).

I will say though that cables which are merely too low quality will often detect the presence of the device mode Jetson at the start, and then fail. Failing without ever seeing the Jetson would be a case of either the cable having no data capability at all (some charger cables don’t have any data wire), or else a VM not seeing USB, or some other non-trivial hardware failure. If you are not using the supplied micro-B USB cable, then try other cables (different brands/models).

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