troubles with R32.3.1 and Spacely CTI carrier board for TX2


I’m trying to upgrade to the latest L4T release (R32.3.1), I have a CTI Spaceley carrier board. Now since R32.3.1 is part of Jetpack 4.3 I was hoping to find a board support package of this release but the newest one that i found on the site ( was the so for the R32.2.1
At first it seemed to work but then I started to notice some things: and USB serial driver for CP210x didn’t want to load, when I checked the kernel it was compiled as a module but this didn’t want to load so I had to rebuild the kernel with the driver backed in and then I could use it again.
Second thing is that I don’t see the wifi driver loading. I haven’t looked any further in this but I imagine something similar might be happening.
My question is, does it make sense to try to address these issues or do I better wait for a new release of the support package of the spacely carrier board? And if the latter, how long before this will be finished?

The device tree probably changed, and this will be custom to the particular carrier board, and so this is something you’d need from the manufacturer. You might be able to adapt this yourself if you study the changes between how device tree is used on the old release versus new release, and then look at the edits made by the older Spaceley carrier board device tree.

This is solved, CTI has released their new package on: