Trusted Application sample - Secure Storage

Looking to get sample_service2.c running on the PX2 platform.

I rebuilt the trusted os without any changes and noticed that it’s quite larger than the prebuilt tos.img that is included with the driveworks folder. I then flashed the Tegra A SoC with the new tos.img and all the other files successfully, but never see sample_service2.c running on startup.

What am I missing?
And is it possible to flash the tos.img without all the other files?

Dear lucas,
I need some understanding about the question.
Are you asking you are trying to locate sample_service2.c/executable file on PX2 and not able find?
Could you tell how did you verify the start up applications?

Hey Siva,

I was able to get everything working and was just having some issues with the original setup.
I have created a new trusted application that I can run successfully and have a new question.

One of the security documents states: “By default, all VMs have access to all TAs running in TOS.” What do I need to configure in the PCT in order to only allow one VM to have access to the TAs?

Dear lucas.karpinski,
Could you point me to the document which you are referring.

Development Guide Release
Understanding Security