Trying boot up usb drive with jetson 4.4, but it is not booting up

I have Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier.
On my Razer laptop with Ubuntu 18, I created a usb stick with this file using etcher app to create a boot disk:
As the install instructions suggested I did the following:
Turned on and connected a monitor to the Xavier
Connected a usb c hub with keyboard and mouse
Connected the usb stick to the usb port on Xavier
Connected the power

  1. But the Xavier does not turn on nor it boots up.
  2. If I press the power button, it turns on, but does not boot up. It only shows Nvidia monogram on the monitor and stays there.
  3. If I remove the usb stick, remove the power, wait 30 seconds, reconnect the power again, press power button, it turns on shows Nvidia monogram on monitor, but still does not boot.
    It seems I have hit a wall. What should I do to bring up the Xavier with Jetpack?


Dump the serial console log and we can see what gets stuck.