trying to flash MCX515A-CCAT to firmware Rev 16.24.1000 in windows pe 10.0.17134

i have downloaded the for win PE64 and the firmware file


are there instructions specifically how to run this in winPE?

When i run the command “mst start” or “mst status” i receive this “-E- environment var MLNX_WINMFT not found!”

I am running into the same thing using Windows 10. Have added MLNX_WINMFT with a variable value of C:\Program Files\Mellanox\WinMFT\ as a system variable and a user variable and also to the PATH variable but still get the same error. Hope someone can help us both?

Well - I rebooted my PC and then it worked! Stephen Rice - looks like you would use the setx command to set environment variable sin WinPE. Here is a link