Trying to have a Jetson AGX Xavier flashing another Jetson AGX Xavier

Hi there,

We have a dual Jetson AGX Xavier system and would like to flash a Jetson AGX Xavier by the other one.

I have found that the executable tegrarcm_v2 in the R32.5.1 BSP is an intel x86 executable.

Could not find an arm64 version for it from nVidia (seems to be some Ubuntu old versions but it is not clear what Jetson systems they can operate)

Could you provide a tegrarcm_v2 executable that runs in the Jetson AGX Xavier natively?


Not possible. No version exists other than the x86 architecture.

Hi @linuxdev,

I know that currently, only the x86 version is there.

That is why I am asking that somebody at nVidia compiles it to run natively in the Jetson xavier AGX.

Being a linux program should be straightforward for them to do that… if not releasing the source code so we can do it ourselves.


I agree that it would be convenient and quite useful, but so far as I know there have never been any plans for it. Doing so would add support requirements.

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