Trying to install CUDA 6.5 but Ubuntu 14.04 suggests packages from 8.0. Please help

Hi, I’ve followed the instructions on the official Getting Started and downloaded the deb for the repo update for CUDA toolkit 6.5 on Ubuntu.
I installed it with sudo dpkg -i, updated the repositories, but when I try to install “cuda”, all the dependencies are from cuda 8.0 packages. I tried installing “cuda-6.5” but it gives me an error of “Size mismatch” on some downloaded files.
I finally tried the run file approach for the toolkit and the “Additional drivers” approach for the driver and it was ok. The problem is that I need to install the cross-compilation tool for armhf (Jetson TK1) and whenever I try to install “cuda-cross-armhf” it prompts me with cuda 8.0 installs.

I need 6.5 since it’s the last supported version for the TK1.

What can I do?

Did you try to install cuda-cross-armhf-6.5 ?

You may want to ask this question on the TK1 forum.