Trying to install CUDA 9.2 with Visual Studio -- templates missing

I’m using Windows 10 w/ a 1060 3gb

I’ve read various threads here on the problems with VS integration (shame on NVIDIA for not fixing this or clarifying this in the documentation), and I decided to just install VS 2015 community in hopes that it would work with CUDA 9.2

I installed CUDA with VS integration deselected, and then manually ran the installers:
NVIDIA NVTX Installer.x86_64.Release.v1.21018621.Win64.msi

in the \CUDAVisualStudioIntegration folder from the extracted CUDA folder while the CUDA installer is running. I also had to manually move a few files like CUDA 9.2.props to get the samples to build.

While I can successfully build and run samples, but the NVIDIA/CUDA templates seem to be missing when I go to make a new project.

Any ideas on how to fix this?