Trying to re-flash tegra 3 bios.

A Tegra3 module is used for the graphics of a touchscreen that I’m working on developing.

This touchscreen is recycled from an old project, and I forgot the credentials necessary to root into the device so I was trying to pull info in order to root the device via the usb port and putting the TEGRA3 into APX mode.

Using NVflash, I was trying to backup a copy of the bios both for analysis and as a backup, but in the process of this read attempt the device reset itself, and now I have a touchscreen that functionally works (touch areas on the the touch screen when connected to old project interfaces, and it will perform the action), but the GUI is now replaced with a display of colors rotating from white, red, blue, green, gradient horizontal, gradient vertical, black, repeat.

Google says this means I corrupted the bios during that backup attempt… obviously I don’t have a copy of the Tegra3 bios at this point in time because I was literally in the process of backing it up.

  1. Is there somewhere I can get a copy of the bios to reflash the tegra 3?
  2. Was using nvflash the wrong idea?
  3. What other ways did I fuck up?

Please and thanks for your time,