Trying to reduce the action space and only allow certain movements


I am currently trying to implement a RL-task similar to peg in hole. To simplify the task i would like to reduce the action space so only translational movement and rotation about the z-axis is allowed.

To set up the env and the task i started of with the factoryNutBoltPlace-task and I am using the taskspace impedance controller. That gives the opportunity to change stiffness and motion_ctrl_axes The default for motion_ctrl_axes was [1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1] and i thought i could simply change the forth and fifth element to zero and be done. During training these movements are still carried out by the robot, though. Is there anything I am missing?

Also during training, the TCP moves to a random position at the start of each environemt. moving to the hole position would require a rotation about x and y so i am wondering, where i could redefine that random initial position but couldn’t find out where i can do that so far.

Can somebody help?
I am super grateful for any hint I can get!