Trying to replace Python with NodeJS?

I know this may not be the place to ask this question, but I figured someone here might be able to help, so I’m using a python script that came with my UPS:

#!/usr/bin/env python
import struct
import smbus
import sys
import time

def readCapacity(bus):

     address = 0x36
     read = bus.read_word_data(address, 4)
     swapped = struct.unpack("<H", struct.pack(">H", read))[0]
     capacity = swapped/256
     return capacity

bus = smbus.SMBus(1) # 0 = /dev/i2c-0 (port I2C0), 1 = /dev/i2c-1 (port I2C1)

while True:

 print "******************"
 print "Battery:%5i%%" % readCapacity(bus)

 if readCapacity(bus) == 100:

         print "Battery FULL"

 if readCapacity(bus) < 20:

         print "Battery LOW"
 print "******************"

And I have a NodeJS app, in this app I have this code:

  try {
    let socVoltage = fs.readFileSync('/sys/bus/i2c/drivers/ina3221x/6-0040/iio:device0/in_voltage0_input', 'utf8');
    socVoltage = parseInt(socVoltage) / 1000.0;
    socVoltage = `${socVoltage.toFixed(3)} V`;
    sensors['Voltage'] = socVoltage;
  } catch(err) {};

Is there a way I can get what the Python script is getting for capacity into my NodeJS app in a similar way? I’m basically trying to not use python and just let my NodeJS app handle it.

Thanks in advance,

figured it out, thanks.

Would you might to share how to resolve? Thanks

Yes I will, it’s for a much bigger project that will be posted on GitHub, I’ll link here once it’s done 😁👍

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