Trying to run NGX SloMo sample, RAM use shoots up and it fails with Cuda error 2

I stepped through in debug, and it reads a couple of frames from the mp4, at that stage we’re at maybe 500mb memory allocation, it initialises the SloMo feature ok, but then as soon as it evaluates for the first frame pair, RAM usage shoots up to 7GB and then fails with Cuda error -2.

The machine is 8GB.

Is it meant to only work on machines with tons of RAM?

I’m seeing the same problem.

Reducing the input resolution got me past this.

I’ve the same issue, but the reduction of the input resolution is not enough to resolve my problem.
My machine use a intel 8700K (with disabled internal GPU from windows and from BIOS), 16GB DDR4 RAM and a 2080 with latest Studio driver.
If I use VSR feature everything work well, SloMo initialize but then instantly end with CUDA Error 2.
Any ideas?

same problem

Same problem on an AMD Threadripper 3960x, 128 GB Ram, RTX3080 10GB.
The inputvideo is about 11.8 MB

I reduced video from 1920x1080 to width 960px using ffmpeg
ffmpeg -i videoin.mp4 -filter:v scale=960:-1 -c:a copy videoout.mp4
After this i was able to run the slomo.exe