Trying to understand how to install driver on CentOS 8.0 with DKMS for another component

I’m testing out CentOS 8.0. ELRepo hasn’t packaged the Linux drivers for CentOS 8 yet, and RPM Fusion’s are broken.

I’m setting up a workstation that requires an NVIDIA driver, but for a different peripheral, it also requires DKMS.

Installing 430.50 without DKMS worked fine, after blacklisting nouveau, rebuilding initramfs, rebooting, switching back to a graphical target, etc., but then when I installed DKMS afterwards, something in the graphics stack broke–after login, the screen goes black.

I’m trying to figure out where to go from here. Should I:

  1. Attempt to install 430.50 to DKMS;
  2. Attempt to install 435.21 not to DKMS, and then install DKMS after; or
  3. Attempt to install 435.21 to DKMS?

In which way are the rpmfusion package broken?
I don’t really understand what you installed when, first install dkms, then install the driver with --dkms.
Please run as root and attach the resulting .gz file to your post. Hovering the mouse over an existing post of yours will reveal a paperclip icon.

From a clean install of CentOS 8.0, I update with:

# dnf update

Then, I install kmod-nvidia from the RPM Fusion repo, which purportedly installs 430.40. Upon rebooting, I get errors about the NVIDIA driver and a message that I’ve fallen back to nouveau. From the GUI’s login page, I log in, and then the screen goes black, and I can’t even switch over to a VST. The only way I can access anything is to SSH in.

Sorry, I needed to put the test machine back into production, so I installed CentOS 7.7 on it again. I’ll probably just wait for ELRepo or RPM Fusion to try again, hopefully within a few weeks.