Trying to understand makelocalrc requirement for net install

Hey Guys,

I’ve installed PGICDK 7.1-5 on our compute cluster. I’m trying to understand the motive behind the makelocalrc requirement. Is there a need to run makelocalrc if ALL of the following apply?

  • all nodes can see /my/pgi/common/install/directory
  • all nodes run RHEL 5
  • all nodes have EXACTLY the same architecture? (x86 release on AMD)
  • all nodes are on a private trusted network (192.168.x.x)
  • all nodes are derived from one install image

If I understand it correctly, in my case, localrc.nodeX should not be any difference from localrc.nodeX+1

If there is a need, can someone flesh out the explanation a bit more?



If all are true, then you won’t need to run makelocalrc for all the nodes. You will need one localrc file with no extension .hostname.

Actually if you copy localrc.yourhostname to localrc, it should work fine with all nodes.