trying to uninstall OpenCL

i have a weird problem with my computer where i try to open any 64 bit application and all three of my dell24 in screens start jumping with the resolution changing and it just flashes uncontrolably for about 30 seconds only after that does the program run smoothly… also within After Effects (of adobe) if you use any thing in track components within the aplication it also starts the flickering again.
This is the second time this happens, the first time it happens I had no idea why and so we sent the computer which was still under warranty to the manufacturer they also could not pin point it, this time around i realized that it only started happening after i installed the OpenCL driver in the Quadro k3100m.
so far ive tried uninstalling and disabling the drivers… ive gone in to safe mode and reinstalled ALL of the drivers including Intels on board display hardware and reinstalled and that stupid driver STILL wont come off!!!
any one have any experience with that?
OpenCL is not listed in the Remove applications in the control panel.
looking forward to an answer that solves my problem.
thank you.

where did you get this “stupid driver”?

re-installing, as you did, is not a bad idea
my thinking is that, if you re-installed all display related drivers, and the driver was not removed, then perhaps the particular driver does not embed with display-related installations (alone)
other possibilities is that it may embed with the resident compiler and/ or ide, such that you need to re-install those to rid it