Trying to use Nsight debugger on Mac: Error: "Local debugging on Mac is unsupported"

I’m trying to use Nsight to run a CUDA sample program on a Mac Pro which has two GPUs: Intel and Nvidia.
When I set a breakpoint in the kernel and run locally I get this message:

Local debugging on Mac is unsupported

My understanding is that cuda-gdb cannot be run on a GPU which is running X11. So how do I switch off X11 on the Nvidia GPU and only run it on the Intel one? I tried running muxProbe and switching to the “Integrated” GPU, but this had no effect.

I also read about a Beta feature which allows cuda-gdb to be run in concert with X11 on a GPU, so I tried this:

set cuda software_preemption on

But this didn’t help either.

I am running El Capitan and have a NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M .

i do not know much about os x

but if it is truly x, with a x server, it should have a x config file as well, and that really defines the domain of x

i think you want to make sure that the compute device is not referenced in the x config file

It is not currently possible to debug a CUDA kernel on the MacBook Pro; the integrated GPU and the 750M cannot be active at the same time, and you cannot debug a kernel (on the Mac, or on a 750M) when it’s also being used to render the desktop. Debugging on the sole GPU is a beta feature on Linux, but only for compute level 3.5 devices, which also rules out the 750M.

It is still possible to debug the rest of your application, but you need to configure NSight to use GDB rather then cuda-gdb. At least you’ll be able to see what’s going in and out of your kernel even if you can’t step into it.