Trying to use the jetson pack installer failed near end

When I was using the jetson pack installer it failed near the point where it asks for an IP address. I have the device attached via HDMI and I can SSH into it, but I think some things might be missing. Anyway I can manually resume to finish the rest of the install, or was it just going to transfer over cuda files or run some commands I can copy?


I can’t tell you what particular files were going to be copied, but all flash is done over the micro-B USB connector…all networking after that point is for additional package install and/or configuration. So long as you don’t check flashing you should be able to run JetPack at any time you want and use it for its package utilites as desired. If you ping the Jetson from another machine, then the address it shows in dotted-decimal format should work when JetPack asks for an address.

I think I figured it out. You can run jetpack software again and only select those items.

Thanks it appears to be working the second time around. I don’t know why the first install attempt failed. It was the correct IP. Oh well… its working now.

Thanks again.