TS or MPEG decoding

Hello, I have a somewhat urgent problem here: Is it possible to use the MMApi Sample “00_video_decode” to decode a MPEG4 or TS only file ?
Given that only TS is stored in a file I can readout this file, but get decoding errors. The frametypes (B,I), framerate, resolution etc. is correctly identified, but decoding seems to fail somehow.
Is it in principle possible to modify the example to be able to use it? Gstreamer or ffmpeg is no option as this decoding will later be embedded in some other application.
One important point to mention: We are working with an “old” MMApi version from 2017 …

Thanks for any hint!

We only support raw compressed stream in 00_video_decode. TS is a container and you would need to implement demuxer to get raw stream.

You may try gstreamer command:

filesrc location=test.ts ! tsdemux ! h264parse ! nvv4l2decoder ! nvoverlaysink

Thanks! This is a GREAT answer and has really helped!