ttyTHS3 RX not working


I have an AeroCore2 carrier board which mates with TX2 module. One of the uart ports on AeroCore2 is connected to /dev/ttyTHS3 on TX2. As a test, I looped back TX/RX on AeroCore2 and typed the following on a terminal:

echo "testing port" > /dev/ttyTHS3

On the other terminal, I did:

cat /dev/ttyTHS3

I do not get an data on this terminal. I also noticed in DTS, “dma-names = tx” only not “dma-names = rx, tx” - do I need to add “rx” in dma-names ??

Please advise how to test ttyTHS3 port.


hello nkumarpsjes,

you could communicate using Tegra uart, please refer to
you may also refer to Topic 1025894 for similar discussion.