Tung , gum, teeth on non human

I have good result with non human mesh heads, cartoon and animals but have problems how to adjust tung and gum/teeth animation.
I going for more human like movments on mouth and try to have most lip movment in the front of long mouths.

I would like to have some advice on making usable tung and gum teeth animation from non human meshes (cartoon and animals head) where the head shape have big difference to the human head. long noses, long tung, visible gum and teeth on the side?

Is the new calculated pivot point for jaw, acesseible somewhere on result mesh and can i change it in a postprocess(maybe only for tung and gum/teeth)?

I also trying different scenarios when gum and teeth is part of headmesh (not separate head, gum and teeth) and not have a2f deform the gum and teeth but still have the lips move full and have the interpolation happen between inside lips and a bit up on outside gum and have the rest of gum and teeth stiff. Is there some way to weight paint attributes that a2f can pick up and blend mesh/point movments between affected and non affected mesh/point.

I can change this after in the dcc, in a pipline. But I would rather solve things directly in a2f in a post process and export the usd and blendchannels directly without doing manual work in dcc afterwards!

Somtimes the mesh comes in reversed when imported, no problem i just revers it in dcc and reimport but havent figured why it happens randomly, I will try to track it down next time it happens (solaris houdini).

Currently there are some simple post-processing options for changing tongue and teeth animation you can try.

We’ll discuss this internally. Thanks for bringing it up.

As of now, A2F expects teeth and gum to be separate and we can’t guarantee it to work properly otherwise.

I’m not sure if A2F touches surface normals. To make sure this is not happening in A2F, can you try and check normals in another DCC?

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