Turf Effects download?

Did the NVidia Turf Effects sdk ever get released? If so where can it be downloaded from? I find some basic info at this link but no download information: NVIDIA Turf Effects | NVIDIA Developer Any info on how to get this would be appreciated.


This page is quite old and there is no release for turf effects, yet.
I’m also interested. However, I’d just like to have an short and performant DX11 / 12 sample code with all the shaders and assets.

You might want to contact the gameworks support. Personally I’ve never received any response regarding turf fx.

I hate to necro this, but I figure that’s better than starting a new thread on the subject. Where the heck is turf effects?! I’ve been eagerly awaiting it’s arrival…

This seems not released yet. Hope they will give some updates soon.