Turing Texture Space Shading

Originally published at: Turing Texture Space Shading | NVIDIA Technical Blog

Turing GPUs introduce a new shading capability called Texture Space Shading (TSS), where shading values are dynamically computed and stored in a texture as texels in a texture space. Later, pixels are texture mapped, where pixels in screen-space are mapped into texture space, and the corresponding texels are sampled and filtered using a standard texture…

I love these blog posts because they explain me how all these new tools work. Keep on writing them!

Thanks for this post, very interesting.
Would it be possible to have some sample code on how to implement that in dx12? A github project with different use cases would be awesome!
I couldn't find any sample for turing extensions except for raytracing and variable rate shading (in vrworks 3), I'm really looking forward to texture space shading and mesh shading samples.